Grease Guns

Grease guns Advantages / Disadvantages

Advantages of grease gun

  • Precise grease distribution possible
  • Extension of the durability of machines and co
  • Smooth, compact device
  • Can be filled with cartridges

Disadvantages of grease gun

  • Different types for every need, some are difficult to transport

Note for grease guns:

In addition to the best grease gun, the choice of grease should also be considered. A suitable grease must be pressure-resistant, water-resistant and temperature-resistant. Mixed additives in the grease can also reduce the susceptibility to corrosion, which has a positive effect on longevity. Under no circumstances should you apply too much fat, but use it sparingly.

Battery grease gun

A modern grease gun works with battery, making it usable anytime, anywhere. This variant is considered particularly effective, is convenient to use and therefore for many the number one. Especially with frequent use makes the purchase sense, especially since no cable in the way.

Pro: Space-saving and usable everywhere!

Cons: High purchase price

Hand lever grease gun

The classic grease gun is the lever version for manual operation. This model should have every artisanal factory in stock to maintain its machinery and tools. The hand lever electric grease gun is extremely easy to use and fulfills its purpose. In addition, it is available inexpensively and can be used everywhere. By leveraging the fat is transported up, which requires some strength.

Pro: Lightweight and applicable everywhere,

Cons: Requires power

Compressed air grease gun

With the help of a compressor, it can be lubricated faster in practice. The compressed air version can be used with just one hand and allows an individual adjustment during the grease dosing. The usage is considered very comfortable, similar to the battery model. Ideal for professionals!

Pro: Effortless and effective!

Cons: Compressor is hard to transport